What is the glue painting ?

The glue painting is a new kind of speed painting with glue and sparkles (or glitter). Michaël Raivard brought a new inspiration to show painting which was only known with painting white or coloured one. He wanted to bring more suspens and maintain it until the end. Painting with something transparent allows that and that is why he choose the glue.

The magical effect of the sparkles

What can reflect more the lights than the sparkles ? For each show, all guests are impressed at the same moment… when the sparkles reveal the painting in a magic breath. That creates an unforgettable memory.

More than a show !

All painting done by Michaël Raivard is an original one with a quality brand « Live Gluing » and can be kept after the show. By offering a Live Gluing show, you offer a fantastic performance but either an original present.